I am beyond thrilled your here on this page!
let’s get on the phone and chat and see if we can be a good fit!  
I am here to serve you and help you become a master at your craft!

One on One Session

4 hours|$400

This session we will go through my whole start to finish process. We will meet up together, in person, for coffee, matcha’s or whatever you prefer & chat about the subjects you want to improve on. We will discuss your business goals and dreams!

The topics included

-getting your ideal (dream) clients

- client communication

- workflow systems + tools from start to finish

-pricing yourself + your value

-instagram + pinterest strategies

- branding yourself via social media + website

- preparing for your sessions/weddings

- how to guide your couple aka posing

- serving your clients the best experience 

Whatever you want to learn we can do, I’m an open book!

What’s Next?

Post-latte date, you'll get a chance to photograph a real, incredible couple with me. Which is so much fun! We'll head out to your dream location and work side by side with your ideal couple. You'll be able to observe + see how I work with my couples, direct them, and also ask questions as we shoot. As well as to shoot some incredible, moments to build your content + experience.

After the session, we’ll head back for more table talk to debrief, maybe with some wine? or not? haha. We can cover anything that we didn't cover to begin with, then we will get to the BEST part where we can edit the session and i can walk you through my editing process + deliver an amazing gallery etc..

Seriously this is so exciting and if you have any questions fire away. All of the above information is an example of what it will look like but I am an open book ready to SERVE you without limits!


Skype One on One Session

1-2hours | $200

This session is the next best step for the photographers who aren't local (or aren't in a location on my travel schedule!) It's a Q&A style Skype session where we'll focus on whatever you want to know. (If you do happen to be local, we'll do this session in person over coffee instead!)

Topics can range anywhere from (but not limited to) posing, directing, finding good lighting, how to set expectations with your clients, email communication, social media marketing, websites, pricing, editing, finding your ideal client, etc.. You name it, we can chat about it.

This session is ideal for non-local photographers who are looking to invest further in their education, learn even more about how to run a photography business, and up-level their game. This is a favorite if you don't live close. Stay in the comfort of your home, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine ;) ) and let's get to work!