Waihee Ridge Trail - Ashley & Charlie

Why I love doing a maui adventure couple session at Waihee Ridge Trail!

a misty maui evening up in the clouds at Waihee Ridge where everyone is trail blazing but we paused at every spot to take photos, this is why I love maui adventure couple sessions because we get to be out in nature but not rush through it all and we get to pause, and stop to enjoy the views while capturing it.

I wanted Ashley to tell the story of our adventure session and how she felt as we planned our maui couple photoshoot, and the day of/weather obstacles! 
“When we starting planning for the maui wedding, hiring an amazing photographer was one of the things at the top of my priority list. I came across Tehani’s work on IG. She stood out from a lot of other maui photographers because she has her own unique style. I liked that all her photos looked natural and not forced in any way. She is truly talented at capturing couples in their own element

I just want to speak on Tehani’s unmatched customer service. We pre booked the maui photoshoot before arriving on Maui. Of course with my luck, the day of the engagement shoot we woke up to rain (the only day out of our entire trip that had unexpected rain). Tehani messaged me that morning to check in and even offered to move the shoot to the following day to avoid the rain. She was still down to go for it with an umbrella in hand, but obviously wanted the best for us and to make sure we were happy with the whole experience. In the end, we decided to chance it… I had seen photos from one of Tehani’s previous shoots in pouring rain which still turned out amazing so I had no worries. Luckily it wasn’t raining by the time we got up to the  Waihee Ridge  trail, just foggy and a little muddy which we didn’t mind at all.
We had a lot of fun as we were shooting. Usually, neither of us feel comfortable in front of a camera, but Tehani guided us through the whole thing. Everything felt natural and not awkward at all. A few days later Tehani sent us some teasers and we were so impressed with how well they turned out!
My tip to anyone who is planning their Maui Couple Session would be.. Pick a location you feel most comfortable in. Our families asked “Well why didn’t you choose a location by the ocean? Isn’t that why you wanted to take your engagement pictures on Maui?” We wanted our photos to tell a story about who we are as a couple. Our weekend routine at home is to go on a hike - we enjoy spending time outdoors in nature with our dog Legend. So when it came to deciding on a location, Waihee Ridge  trail was a no brainer.

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