Maui Adventure Elopement - Kasie & Miller

kasie & miller wanted the maui adventure elopement and they got it!

Kasie & Millers elopement on Maui was jaw dropping beauty right from the start I was freaking out on how amazing they are! I showed up to their Maui airbnb where they were eating acai bowls and slowly getting ready together. Yep some Bon Iver was playing and they were stoked on choosing to elopement on maui with just them and me being their third wheel. It was straight up amazing! After capturing their morning we headed over to Waihee Ridge Trail where they exchanged their vows on top of a mountain with the view of Maui in sight. We headed over to Kahakuloa where we frolic and stood an edge of a sea cliff over looking the waves crashing up against the rocks. Dang I love Maui Adventure Elopements. They never fail to be so stunning and adventurous.