Kauai Elopement - Ashley & Ajay

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5am wake up call, we got on a flight to Kauai to capture Ashley and Ajay’s elopement. As we drove threw the tropical mountains of Kauai we arrived at their airbnb where we did a couples session, seriously kauai is so dang beautiful its hard not to capture it well. thats why I love being a kauai elopement photographer. 
after ashley and ajay got ready together (which i thought was so cool) we headed to Hanalei Bay where they said their vows right next to Hanalei Pier, Hanalei is literally the most beautiful places i’ve ever been, my jaw was dropped the whole time, after their ceremony we all decided to go to Harvest Moon in Hanalei to get smoothies to fuel up before we did 2 hours of bridal portraits. We adventured around the Hanalei Taro fields and ended up at the beginning of Napali coast. It was the best day ever. 
I wanted to ask Ashley & Ajay how they felt as they planned their kauai elopement from afar and the tips they had. here is what she said.. “Plan the elopement in advance, know where you'd want to elope, the local rules, customs and traditions; but have fun 🙂” 
I also asked her how she felt the whole day, and how it was having me along for the ride aka third wheeling it.. 
We wanted a fresh look for our pictures and not the basic poses that most of the wedding pictures seem to have. When we looked at your pictures on Instagram, we loved how simple and candid they seemed and most importantly the people looked like they were having fun and that's what we wanted. And talking to you made it feel like we could vibe with you which was an another important factor in our decision for eloping on Kauai. We felt like we were having so much fun. You and Talia were super chill and friendly and at no point did we feel tired or stressed. One of the best days of our life!!

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